Tuition & Workshops

A mix of one-off adult contemporary painting/drawing workshops and regular sessions are available for the complete beginner right through to the more experienced and improving artist and even those who just fancy 'having a go'.  Whether your aim is to enrich your leisure time, learn a new skill or technique or to become a professional artist; I hope to be able to assist.

My aim is to offer sessions that are informative, non-intimidating and most of all enjoyable!

We will refer to and analyse a diverse range of artists & discuss their approaches and methods where appropriate during each session to increase your knowledge and inspire you!

 - a materials list and further information will follow on confirmation of your place.
(Applegarth currently operating a waiting list - regular ad-hoc classes will be offered to the waiting list) CURRENTLY ​SOME AFTERNOON AVAILABILITY 

(Please scroll down for description of the class format and teaching style & sample sessions)

Applegarth Creative Cabin
Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hampshire GU26 6JL

Term-time Tuesdays Contemporary Creative Art Classes.  
Offering plently of individual tuition. Sessions have a general theme and learning objectives but cater to an individuals aims & interests.  
2 sessions x 9 participants 9:30 - 12:15 & 12:45 - 3:30.

West Oxfordshire: please register your interest

My aim is to offer sessions that are informative, non-intimidating and most of all enjoyable!  Develop your personal ‘take’ and style and broaden your knowledge of technique, treatment of a subject and maybe introduce you to a few artists & illustrators that you have not yet discovered.  Hopefully sessions will inspire you to continue and practice in your own time and facilitate your personal artistic development.

Sessions will be informal and purposefully small to ensure you enjoy quality instruction and direction.  They will usually start with a demonstration, discussion and clarification of any key learning points to consider before you embark on your own piece of work.  Individual tuition and direction will then be offered and if appropriate to the session a critique towards the end. Lots of visual reference will be included to illustrate the session's aims & objectives and to enrich both your artistic experience and broaden your exposure to how differently artists respond to their subject.

Focus will be placed on enjoying the process, the company and the session rather than always on the success of the finished result.

Art can often be exasperating especially when you fail to produce something to your satisfaction and feel that you have failed to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.  Often with very little instruction one can achieve significantly more and be surprised at what others see and admire in one's work or the aspects that they regard as a success.  Working in a group therefore can be very rewarding and fulfilling in itself and a source of learning and development providing encouragement and fuel for artistic growth.

I work primarily in acrylic due to its fast-drying qualities and fastness using both brushes and palette knife. Drawing sessions will use mixed-media including pencil, charcoal and ink etc.  I enjoy experimentation and will encourage you to do the same.

If you prefer private tuition (for adults or children) or would like me to prepare a specific session for your group please contact me with a brief outlne of your requirements.  I hope to meet you soon!
If interested please contact me and I will add you to my mailing list: 07776 252314 or


Lots of reference material, encouragement and advice included in each session with a hand-out covering the key learning points to keep for your reference.  *Work at your own level and pace.
A recommended materials & equipment list will be provided in advance for each session & paper will be available with an ‘honestly box’ for cartridge paper.
If you have your own easel or use a drawing board you are welcome to bring it with you.

If you are new to drawing and painting and worried about the cost implications - start small and build your equipment and materials up slowly to avoid costly mistakes. Your tastes & preferences may change as you become more experienced & experiment with new materials or techniques.

​Recent Topics at Applegarth have been varied & have followed the interests of the group: from sketching the farm animals, experimenting with ink & gouache, portraits in ink, pencil portraits, (acrylic) still life, summer/winter/floral land/seascapes, people in landscapes....  Individual tastes and aspirations have been catered for and and plently of inspirational visual reference is sent out in advance of each session.

January  2018 onwards we will continue to develop our skills covering:  movement, colour & composition with some small still lifes, negative space, trees, tonal landscape, animals, figure/faces (experimentation combining flat areas of pattern & 3D) & , 'in the style of' & a session where everyone produces work from the same piece of reference. 

Amazing Acrylic
An introduction to this versatile painting medium

An introduction or refresher to those relatively new to working in acrylic.  Learn about priming surfaces, using texture & glazing mediums, painting tools & palettes.
Paint in acrylics with increased confidence gained through informative & useful exercises.

Colour & Textures
Lose yourself in paint with an expressive painting workshop.
Enjoy creating a textured base of colour, pattern, dramatic brushstrokes & elements of collage.  Step back for a moment to reflect then bring the painting to completion using glazes and over painting to create a contemporary abstract or semi abstract design. Plenty of guidance and visual reference provided for those new to working in this way.

Contemporary Still Life
Explore & experiment with various painting techniques employed by contemporary artists: thick and thin paint, dribbling, splashing, glazing, flattening of perspective, use of collage, use of line.  Using some of these techniques & methods of application plan your design to produce a simple yet stunning still life of your choice.

Develop your skills in composition, use of colour & contemporary painting techniques.

Introduction to Drawing - Beginners & Improvers
Content: looking at tone & line, observing & depicting an object on paper. Various techniques & exercises (such as looking at negative space). Shading techniques & texture. A mix of quick drawings and more observed studies.
Aim: to learn or refresh & develop skills

Content 2nd Session: Using the skills developed & covered in the first session we will also consider composition and work on an extended drawing – a still life study in black and white. Use thumbnail sketches & viewing frames to develop composition ideas. Identify successful compositions to develop further into an extended drawing (being mindful of the skills & techniques covered in the session).
Aim: develop confidence & drawing accuracy and cover the basics of composition. Gain stimulation & inspiration via reference material provided.

Portrait Workshop
Using photographic reference. Learn techniques and tips necessary to produce successful portraits - especially accurate drawing and mixing fleshtones.  Begin by working primarily in black and white to sketch & develop your composition and then progress when you're ready to a painted piece in colour or line and tone. Plenty of guidance and support in this particularly challenging discipline.

Lots of visual reference to really inspire you in this dynamic & continually evolving area of art.  Use this workshop as a base - cover some of the basics to facilitate your progression and development of your own style. An all day workshop or two half day sessions.

Painting: Winter Landscape (acrylic)
An introduction to acrylics and subtle colour. Explore composition & discover painting techniques to develop your painting style and introduce colour.
Content: Working from reference material - a photograph either printed or on a tablet/ipad or a copy of a painting you admire. Create compositional ideas/’thumbnails’ & sketches to try out different ideas. Cover different methods of transferring ideas to the surface you’re going to paint on. Experiment using large brushes, palette knife & various mark-making tools.  Consider depth/perspective, rhythm/pattern, composition and use painterly & expressive marks & brushstrokes to develop & make your painting interesting. Concentrate on a limited palette of white & neutrals (& maybe a dash of colour!) without the complexities of full colour.

Aim: Develop confidence in painting, mark making & painterly techniques. Consider tone, basic colour theory & basic perspective. Develop planning & composition skills.
(If copying a painting discuss & learn from techniques employed by the artist).

Please bring a prepared surface to work on either pre-stretched primed canvas, canvas board, primed thick card or primed board.

* revisit landscape painting in sessions throughout the year & create a painting ‘by season’.